Thursday, April 13, 2017

Street Characters - 19. "Never Fair..."

Yesterday before bedtime I read the book "Kieslowski on Kieslowski" (the legendary Polish filmmaker) and came along these words:

"Relationships with parents are never fair. When our parents are on top form, at their best, their most energetic, their most lively and their most loving, we don't know them because we don't exist yet. Or we are so tiny that we can't appreciate it. Then, when we grow older and start to understand certain things, they're already old. They no longer have the energy which they used to have. They no longer have the same will to live as they had when they were young. They've been disillusioned in all sorts of ways, or they've experienced failure. They're already bitter. I had wonderful parents. Wonderful. Except I wasn't able to appreciate them when I should have. I was too foolish." - Krzysztof Kieślowski


  1. Wise words.

    And the picture reflects perfectly that relationship between parents and sons are not always pleasant, well done!!


  2. Hi, have you seen all of the "Dekalog" films? Nice you reminded Him - thanks. Ida.