Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To All Freight Cars and Rail Roads

When I see the railroads I think about the trains I took in my life 
and where they brought me.


I am thirteen years old and I am traveling by train on my own to Moscow. 
In my car compartment there are four of us; a married couple, a young girl and me.
 I was told by my mother to be careful and not to get into conversations with strangers 
but as soon as our train takes off I am totally involved in conversations. 

I am fascinated by a young girl who is much older than I am. She has a little book of poems in her hands. 
We talk, she reads some poems to me from her book. 
I am not familiar with a poet. I know so little about poetry. 
Alexander Blok... His poems make me silent. There is something in them I can't understand but I can feel. 
I feel sadness and I want to cry but try to stay calm.
 I especially like the poem "The Stranger". 
I ask the girl to read it to me over and over again and she reads:

And every evening, at the appointed hour
(or is it merely a dream of mine?),
the figure of a girl in clinging silks
moves across the misty window.

Slowly she makes her way among the drinkers,
always escortless, alone,
perfume and mists emanating from her,
and takes a seat near the window...

Strange... The industrial scene, the old freight car frozen in time, 
the curvy railroads tracks and memory about the girl 
who introduced me to the her favorite poet Alexander Blok in the train to Moscow.



  1. The fascinating story of the people who go by train.
    If the train's self could talk ...
    Geometry and the tones of images remind of films when industrialization occupies space.

  2. Unas tomas donde dejas enfocado lo que mas te interesa mostrar.


  3. Unas tomas de vías y de trenes que siempre asociamos con la trayectoria vital de las personas hasta el punto de que el idioma se ve lleno de metáforas que ponen en relación la vida con el tren. La lente, con ese desenfoque suave que aporta, contribuye a que estas imágenes se vuelvan inseparables del relato aportando esa sensación de ensueño y de recuerdo lejano.
    Un abrazo,

  4. Nice story and images, railroads always have a nostalgic point, as you show in your pictures.


  5. I was not familiar with the poet Alexander Blok and had to a bit of research .... he sounds like he was an interesting fellow and a fine poet .... I will read some of his work.

    Railroads are fascinating to me, Kaya. One of my grandfathers worked for the Great Northern Railway for a number of years, and my first "train ride" was with my grandmother to visit her sister in North Dakota when I was three or four years old. Even today it is possible to board a train in Saint Paul, change trains in Washington, D.C., and then go on to Florida .... a journey I hope to make before the years overtake me.

    Your photographs are wonderful and well done ....

  6. Magnifico el modo en que lo has captado... Muy buena imagen