Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On the Country Roads - 7. Huntsville Monastery

Many years ago the monks found a place in Utah to built their monastery. In the middle of nowhere they also built their little Catholic church.

Yesterday I spent a few hours in this church. All by myself. There wasn’t anybody around. I prayed, photographed, thought and prayed again. There was a thought in the back of my mind why is nobody in the church, why I didn’t see the monks. It was strange and a little bit uncomfortable.

Huntsville monastery once was busy. Right now there are only ten monks. Two things religion can't control. Aging and new vocations. Father Brendan Freeman once stated that vocations are a gift from God and a gift cannot be coerced.

The monastery probably will die with the monks. And that is very, very sad.


  1. You got yourself a nice interior photo. Monks day off? :)

  2. You have made a great work with this pictures, and if you believe in God, I'm sure he thinks the same :))


  3. Estupenda foto de interior, Kaya, con un buen control de la luz. Buen trabajo.


  4. Precioso ese interior de la iglesia que has captado con una luz perfecta. Comparto tu reflexión y sí, es una pena que los monasterios se vayan quedando sin monjes. Al fin y al cabo hubo momentos de la historia en que fueron el refugio de la cultura.
    Un abrazo,

  5. Paz y tranquilidad hay siempre en ellos. Estupenda luz amiga. La primera y la vidriera me encantan.