Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pronghorns in December - II.

That was an unforgettable late afternoon on Antelope Island.  Seeing and photographing a herd of Pronghorns was a truly fantastic treat.  It was a pure luck that Pronghorns allowed me to follow them and be in the close proximity.  I am so grateful for that!
On the photo above is Pronghorn male (buck) with female.  

Male (buck) Pronghorn.

The pregnant female Pronghorn.

I met a few times # 10 female Pronghorn.  Here she had stopped for a short while.  I assume she is pregnant.


What a year it has been. While there has been darkness there also was light. 

I hope that a year ahead will be brighter and bring some normalcy into our life.

Generally, life is good!  Merry Christmas!


  1. marvellous natural meeting.
    Their coat is superb and their acceptance of your presence is generous (so to speak) ...

  2. A very beautiful experience. Quality images.

  3. Te deseo que pases unas Felices Fiestas de Navidad, Kaya y que volvamos a la normalidad. Las imágenes de los berrendos son preciosas.


  4. WOW Kaya enhorabuena, son unas fotos maravillosas. Un enorme abrazo.

  5. Hello Kaya,
    This is so nice!! These animals are so wonderful.
    And great to see them in that area with the same colors around. This all (with a good photographer) makes TOP pictures of them. Big compliments!!

    Greetings, Marco

  6. Una segunda parte tan buena o mejor que la primera. Me encanta la mirada de los berrendos en la primera fotografía.
    Comparto tu deseo que el próximo año nos haga olvidar este desastre de año 2020. Por aquí, hoy, se han empezado a poner las primeras vacunas. Se abre un atisbo de esperanza y comienza el principio del fin de este mal sueño que nunca tuvo que aparecer.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.