Friday, September 30, 2022

With Mama


Young bisons have matured and their coat colors have changed. They are no longer orange-red, the color of their fur have changed to dark brown and their shoulder hump and horns started to grow.

The calfs are still with mother and will stay with her until they are one year old.  

With mama is so cozy that you can take a nap.

Mama decided to lie down and also take a nap.

Life goes on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hummingbirds - II.


Hummingbirds have long migrated. When I walk past their favorite Red Trumpet Vines, I feel sad. Summer is over.  But next spring these small birds with a nearly straight bill and short wings will return.  I will wait for them.

I believe that I photographed females Anna's Hummingbirds that morning but not sure.

Life goes on.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Notes to Self. Loneliness and Grief


One month ago my life has changed forever.

It was the warm Friday evening when I called to ambulance, my husband became very sick.  

Then was a stay in the emergency room overnight where cardiologists tried to stabilize my husband's heart and five days in the hospital, conversations with cardiologists and optimistic prognosis.

And then a conversation with a hospital chaplain and a social worker and terrifying killing words, Your husband is dying... 

I remember asking myself how the world could continue spinning after such words.  I wanted to scream at the cars and people outside, I wanted to yell at the whole world.

As the hours turned to days and days to weeks, my sadness, grief, loneliness became more intense and more painful. I died that day when I heard a verdict from a hospital chaplain.

Life goes on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Family of Western Grebes in September - I.


Yesterday the Bear River MBR exceeded all my expectations. I did not anticipate to see a family of Western Grebes with their young ones at the end of September. 

The chicks are not yet able to fly and probably are less than ten weeks old. Ten weeks is the age when the young grebes will begin to fly.

It looks the family will stay till mid-autumn at Bear River MBR.  Hopefully, the autumn will be favorable to Grebes.  For now the parents feed their babies and take excellent care of them.

Breakfast is served!

Ahh, fish slipped into water but a parent only in a few seconds was able to recover it out of water.

Let's try again and hopefully this time everything will be OK.

Life goes on.