Monday, June 24, 2019


There is a saying, "Tell me who is your friend and I will tell who you are."

I don't believe in this saying anymore because sometimes friends come in our lives without invitation and you accept them as they are or not.

Alex. An old hippie and a lost soul. Alex is our neighbor and a friend.  He is the only one who talks to us.  When our dog Tasha died he brought to us a bottle of wine and spent with us the whole evening talking.  

Alex is a loner but sometimes he tries to reach people, mostly homeless and help them. Thus, last summer he brought Teddy the Boy help him to plant some trees and to do landscaping. 

Teddy the Boy.  I don't know for how long he was on the streets and how he managed not to lose his kindness and trust with people. Teddy's mother was very poor and she died from pancreatic cancer. Teddy never talked about his father and I never asked him. 

Kimberly. She is homeless, a drug addict and Alex's girlfriend. Something is very touching and fragile about her. I like her a lot. When Kimberly has a fight with Alex we bring her to the old hotel where she can stay till ten o'clock at night and then she is out on the streets again. She is young, in her early thirties.

These are our friends.  If we honestly ask ourselves which person means something to us, we often find that it those who instead of giving advice or solutions have rather chosen to share our pain and wounds and who care. 
Yes, friends care...

A Vampire

This sketch was done with watercolor pencils and Copic markers a few years ago when I was in love with Manga - Japanese animation. My infatuation with this style was short lived.

Today I looked at all my Manga sketches and found this sketch. Let it be here also.

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