Sunday, June 26, 2022

Thousands of Phalaropes Over the Great Salt Lake


It's only the begging of summer but the shore birds of North America have already begun their fall migration. 

You can see hundreds of thousands shore birds at the Great Salt Lake and among them are Red-necked and Wilson's Phalaropes. They show up at the lake to feed and rest before continuing their journey.

Wilson's and Red-necked phalaropes feed on brine flies and brine shrimps.

I was very blessed this morning to see and photograph the incredible spectacle of thousands of phalaropes that were flying over the Great Salt Lake.

Generally, life is good!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Male Horned Lark is Singing His Heart Out

When I saw a male Horned Lark I thought how nice it would be if he would continue to perch on a shrub and would sing for me from his heart. 

The Lark didn't take long to wait. In a few seconds the whole world was listening to his sonorous songs.


This is my first Horned Lark.  I have never seen this bird before on Antelope Island. Apparently, Horned Larks are living there.

Generally, life is good!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Notes to Self. Young Great Horned Owlets

Every time when I am on Antelope Island I am driving to one of Bisons' barns to visit the family of Great Horned Owls and see how their young ones are doing.

The young owls (there are two of them) became pretty big, they fly easily around the barn. 

The owlets are always under the supervision of their parents, who will feed them for the next few months and protect them from danger.

This young owl unlike his sibling was awake and active during my last visit.

Sometimes the owlet perched on a rope hanging from the ceiling and watched me.

Generally, life is good!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Salty Sunday - I.


I do believe in luck and also believe that even the most not so great circumstances can in matter of seconds turn into a good luck. 

The muddiest area on Antelope Island usually harbor clouds of gnats especially when it's getting hot. That Sunday was breezy and gnats were not vicious.  It was luck. 

I greeted the breeze (didn't have a choice), the dense clouds and gnats and started to photograph a family of Avocets with their babies not expecting much.

The babies moved so easily in the muddy salty water but their mama was often sinking in the mud and then moved with lumps of mud stuck to her feet.

It's time to join mama and stay close to her.

The little ones wandered around but when mom decided it was time to leave this place and go in search of food elsewhere, they surrounded her like little fluffy balls and followed her relentlessly.

Generally, life is good!