Friday, July 23, 2021

One Space : Two Birds


Do birds want to belong too?  I ask this question often and still don't have an answer.

I  used to think about birds as competitors but they often peacefully share one space as if they communicate with each other in a silent way.  

On the photo above the Black-crowned Night Heron is sharing one space with Snowy Egret.

The Snowy Egret takes off and leaving.

Should I stay for a few seconds or leave...

Generally, life is good!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sandhill Cranes at Pineview Reservoir


The wetland around Pineview Reservoir is full of surprises and opportunities.  This morning I had two opportunities;  I could walk to the dead tree where a few days ago I saw the flock of Turkey Vultures and to photograph a Red-tailed Hawk who was perching on the tree.

Or I could cross the wet field and walk toward two Sandhill Cranes hoping that they would not fly away upon my approach. I chose Sandhill Cranes.

Walking across the wetland isn't fun at all, there is underground water and many shallow streams but you are surrounded by wild flowers, butterflies and birds and you breath this beauty and become part of it.
Generally, life is good!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Ospreys Saga - VI.


Ospreys are tough raptors and when they defend their nests they are ready to do anything.  

On the photo above the female Osprey is making serious eye contact with me and refuses to let go, she hovers in the air with her talons down. The Osprey's beautiful appearance isn't for show, she threatens while unveiling glorious and powerful wings.

I was nervous while photographing this fearless female Osprey who was flying over my head but the opportunity was so rare that I couldn't miss it.

Ospreys have special feet for grasping fish.  All four talons are curved and the toes have tiny spines on the bottom that help to hold tightly to slippery fish.

The female Osprey finally decided it was time to stop threatening and flew to her nest.

I took these photographs at the beginning of July when the female didn't feel comfortable about my close presence.  But with passing time she got used seeing me often. The female Osprey doesn't leave anymore her nest, she threatens me only at the beginning with a short loud chirping that lasts for a few seconds.

Generally, life is good!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Turkey Vultures in Tall Dead Tree


When I saw several Turkey Vultures in the tall dead leafless tree I thought that it would be not a big deal to cross the wet field to get closer to them. Sadly, there were a few deep streams on my way that I would have to cross too.

It took almost fifteen minutes to find the right way to dead tree and Vultures but I got there and was happy.

I have never seen Turkey Vultures in the trees.  These birds are gregarious birds and they probably spent the night in dead tree.  The tree was in the open area and the birds could easily observe what was going on the ground.

This Vulture settled comfortably between two branches and stayed there for a long time.

It seemed that every Vulture had his/her favorite branch to stay.

Is it really comfortable to perch on the top of the branch trying hard to maintain balance?  Apparently, it was not a big problem for this Vulture.

There were approximately fifteen Vultures in dead leafless tree.   When I was ready to take a photo of dead leafless tree with Vultures there were left only two Vultures in the tree. I missed the moment...

Generally, life is good!