Monday, October 25, 2021

Heron Who Owns a Confusing Name


The name of Great Blue Heron always puzzled me because these large birds are more gray than blue.  To be fair in some light the plumage of these large birds can appear to look bluer on photographs than it is.

I photographed this Heron in July on a foggy day and the color of its plumage appeared on my photos deep royal blue but in a different light the same Heron would be gray.

This is how a Heron usually looks on a sunny day.

If I had the chance to rename this amazing bird I would probably give it a name " Great Gray Heron". 

Generally, life is good.

Friday, October 22, 2021

A Rescued Mute Swan - II.

My first encounter with a Mute Swan took place three days ago on a rainy cold morning. I was walking in our local park and saw behind the fence a big large bird.  Is this the same swan I photographed six year ago? No, it's impossible...

At this precise moment I forgot about my walk, about rain that was getting more heavy and persistent, I rushed to the Dinosaur park office to ask for permission to spend time with the Swan and photograph it the next day.

I don't know what the park employees thought about me when I stormed into office excited and out of breath.  Luckily, they didn't take me for a madwoman and allowed me to enter the park the next day without paying an entrance fee.  

I was happy and thought that sometimes life surprises me with wonderful gifts, like a birdsong, light breeze, a smile of a stranger and an opportunity to photograph the most elegant and majestic bird on Earth, a Mute Swan.

Unfortunately, the situation is very sad.  The rescued Mute Swan found itself in the unknown environment and without its pair.  The bird is injured and no one knows how long it will take for the Swan to recover, if ever.

Hopefully, the Mute Swan I met two days ago will live a long and healthy life.

Generally, life is good!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Rescued Mute Swan - I.

Six years ago exactly on the same day, October 20th,  I photographed a rescued Trumpeter Swan in our local Dinosaur Park.  The Swan was injured and was recovering.  As soon as he recovered he left the park.

This morning I was allowed to photograph another rescued Swan who happened to be a Mute Swan.

Apparently, the Swan cannot fly and it walks slowly. His companions are only Mallard ducks.  

Swans shouldn't be alone because they don't do well when they don't have a companion.  Should I say that separation makes them less swan-like?

The staff at the Dinosaur park is trying to find a companion for this Swan. I wish they would succeeded at it.

I spent two hours this morning with the Swan and realized it only when I got back home. At some point the time stopped and everything suddenly receded in the background. There were no more disturbing thoughts, no stress, just a big beautiful bird and I.  

Photographing the Swan I tried to keep the safe distance so as not to stress the bird. After a while I started to feel that the Mute Swan and I became friends. Of course, it was just an illusion...

Generally, life is good!

to be continued...

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Notes to Self - XX. Crash Courses


On my eighteenth birthday, my father said to me, "If you haven't learned it yet, you are not going to."  It meant no more rules, no more curfew. It meant independence and freedom.  

It also meant that there will be many stormy days and I will go through them on my own and there will be also many crash courses and when I come out of them, I will never be the same person.  That is what all these stormy days and crash courses are about.

During the last year I received a crash course on pandemic, viruses and their dynamics, on our fragility as humans and then another crash course came, it was tragic and turned my life upside down. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's (a fatal and devastating disease) and with this diagnose our life has changed forever.

That is my new normal now where there is little time for everything.

On the days when I am overwhelmed emotionally and physically I remind myself the words my father said to me on that memorable day when I turned eighteen.  "You can do hard things. We all can do them."


По бумаге кляксою вся жизнь растекается и не получается мало говорить... Правильно, не правильно, а какая разница?  Мне надо больше двигаться и меньше говорить...

On paper, the whole life spreads like a blot and it is impossible to say a little ... Correct, not correct, but what difference does it make? I need to move more and talk less ...