Thursday, September 23, 2021

Female Bisons with Their Young Ones


On that cool morning on Antelope Island I came across the group of female bisons with their babies.  They were basking in the sun and dozing.  From time to time one of babies got up, dusted himself off and looked around.

Sometimes one of mothers was giving herself the dirt bath rolling around in the dirt.

There is not much water available for bisons on Antelope Island to bath, so they figured out that rolling in the dirt can do the same as bathing in the water.  

Bathing in the dirt helps bisons to chase flies off and also helps them to leave a protective layer that makes more difficult for flies to bite them.

If mama took her dirt bath it's time for me to do the same. 

This female bison with her two babies had a difficult time to stay awake no matter how hard she tried.

Generally, life is good!


  1. Wow, espectacular Kaya. Me encantan. Besos.

  2. Amazing photos, Kaya! They are fantastic! Love all of them!
    Have a nice Friday!
    Hugs and kisses :)

  3. Es enternecedor, ver a las hembras con las crías.

    Las fotos son muy buenas.


  4. A successful dust bath. Beautiful specimens.

  5. Muy bonita serie. A falta de agua se desparasitan con tierra. Las crias de bisonte tienen que aprender y para eso imitan las actitudes de sus progenitores.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.

  6. Нравится фото 3, где все копытца кверху)

  7. Hello Kaya,
    Very nice pictures. Wonderful to see these imposing animals roll like that. They are so beautiful. Beautifully photographed the action of these animals with that dust through the air. And of course very nice with the young ones. Well done!!

    Kind regards,

  8. It is a pleasure come back visit your blog Kaya, the pictures of these bisons are really beautiful. It is always touching to contemplate the relationship between a mother and her little descendents

  9. Hola Kaya, por aquí estoy de nuevo. Bonitas imágenes de esa madre e hijo "retozando" en la tierra. Muy buenas fotografías.