Saturday, September 25, 2021

Notes to Self -XIX. Shades of Utah Autumn

We have been in autumn for a few days but I feel it only in the early mornings when it's very cool.  By noon summer returns as if it says to autumn, I am not yet ready to leave.

On autumn evenings, hundreds of thousands birds migrate across North America.  It's not a silent migration, most birds are making night flight calls. These chirps, twits and buzzes are flowing overhead under cover of darkness but swallows  are different. These little birds travel only during the day flying thousands of miles to spend winter in South America.

Generally, life is good!



  1. Чудесный снимок. Мне нравятся осенние краски.

  2. all the intensity of the wildlife

  3. Bonita imagen, Kaya, con el pájaro mirando en la dirección correcta, y el reparto de espacios me encanta.


  4. Waiting to take flight to a new challenge.

  5. Hi, Kaya! The same here, in Madrid. At night, it's cold, but during the day the sun still warms us :)
    Beautiful shot, Kaya. Lovely bird!
    Have a nice Sunday.

  6. Hello Kaya,
    That must be great to see so many different birds passing at this time of the year.
    The autumn is wonderful and you show this picture of the wonderful swallow. Amazing with these warm colors. Very nice!!

    Greetings, Marco

  7. Me encanta, estos tonos y luces del otoño.

    Supongo que llevarás alguna ropa de abrigo, al amanecer del día, para después dejarla en el coche al aumentar la temperatura. Malo es pasar frío, pero igual de malo es pasar calor.


  8. Preciosa fotografía de la golondrina. La has pillado en su provisional posadero. Quizás este ya pensado en cómo será la cercana migración para pasar el invierno en lugares menos frios.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  9. Preciosa imagen, amiga... Que bello es el otoño...
    Un saludo