Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Abstract Reality - 8. Flowers


Catalin said...

Wonderful idea!
Pleasant contrast!
Flowers seem to be photographed through a window.

Minimal said...

Creativity is a gift.

And you've got it :))


Antonio Rodriguez said...

Como con pocos elementos se pueden hacer atractivas fotografias con una buena textura.
Un abrazo.

Miguel said...

Un excelente trabajo con la doble exposición que, con el blanco y negro y esa iluminación, resulta aún más atractivo y misterioso.
Un abrazo,

Fram Actual said...

As it is with fiction, poetry, paintings, music, plays, dance, weapons, ad infinitum .... so, too, it is with photography. I am not into every aspect of these fields. I really have no knowledge and little interest in the abstract in any field of endeavor, so I do not feel qualified to offer an opinion about these photographs, Kaya. I am into more of a balanced/orderly concept of the world around me.

Jesús Castellano said...

Creativos trabajos con la doble exposición, Kaya, unas abstracciones muy bien conseguidas e ideadas.