Tuesday, September 12, 2017

West Land - 23. Green Pond


Catalin said...

A very beautiful atmosphere. Wild Nature draws its picture. Very beautiful you have made the pictures - framing and tonalities of the class artist.

Miguel said...

Unos trabajos asombrosamente bellos los que has conseguido crear con estos paisajes y la doble exposición. Son realmente espectaculares y dotados de una gran serenidad.
Un abrazo,

Minimal said...

Kind of magic, just like a dream, creative and well done.


Fram Actual said...

My sense/feeling/interpretation of these photographs, especially the first one, is "other-worldly." I associate many photographs of lakes and rivers with canoe treks. I see the first one as providing a narrow opening from one dimension into another .... all that is required is the nerve to paddle through the passage and then to explore what lies beyond it. That would be a dream come true for me.

I am not certain what you were trying to accomplish here, Kaya, but the result for me was to ignite my imagination.

Antonio Rodriguez said...

I do not know which is the best. All is the best.
A hug.

Jesús Castellano said...

Hola, Kaya, de nuevo por aquí. Belleza en estas fotografías, con unos montajes muy agradables para la vista y bien presentados, buen trabajo.


Liplatus said...

I'm not going to stop viewing these pictures so a good feeling is watching.
A very profound intellectual.

Enchanting natural photos! Skilful!