Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Desert Stories - I. Educational

Contrary to their name these gulls are the state bird of Utah. They are migratory birds  move to the Pacific coast in winter. That is only then this bird is regularly found in California.

California gulls nest in colonies. The female usually lays 2 or 3 eggs. Both parents are very responsible and feed their youngsters.

When I was leaving Bear River refuge I saw a lot of dead fish and gulls who were feeding on them. I guess fish died because it's getting hot and water in Bear river is getting more shallow and very warm. The desert stories sometimes are sad.


  1. It's a survival lesson. Fish die from hot water and seagulls take advantage.
    Good reportage, Kaya!

  2. Curiosos los instantes que has captado, Kaya, bien hecho.


  3. Preciosas imágenes de unas gaviotas que se buscan el alimento por donde quiera que van.

    En la primera imagen, parece que el macho le está echando una bronca a la hembra, que aguanta todo, sin tan siquiera replicar.


  4. Un buen reportaje sobre estas gaviotas migratorias.
    Un abrazo<o.

  5. wow dramatic photos! I love gulls and am always photographing them when they show up at our lake between the months of about November to ....I think February.