Friday, June 9, 2023

Black-necked Stilt is Nesting - I.


I recently came across the two Black-necked Stilt nests.  One of them was  built on the ground in a recess covered with dry branches, and the other was a floating nest.

The nest in the photo above was built by both parents on bare open ground near the water. Both the female and the male will incubate eggs.

From time to time the female Stilt got up to check the eggs.

The female is very cautious and takes her time to mount on the eggs.  Black-necked Stilts lay three to four eggs. There were four eggs in this nest.

For a while, the female Black-necked Stilt will sit on the eggs and then she will take a short break.  The late mornings are very warm so the eggs in the nest will be fine to left unattended for a while.

Life goes on.


  1. Hope no higher water level !

  2. Está muy bien captada, con tu teleobjetivo. Se aprecia muy bien todos los detalles en estas fotografías.
    Un abrazo

  3. Muy buenas imágenes, Kaya, inmortalizas unos momentos de gran interes, unas foto muy validas para cualquier revista de naturaleza.


  4. Muy bien captada esta serie. Me maravilla ver como algunas especies de aves construyen unos espléndidos nidos y otras se bastan con unas pocas ramas.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Интересная птица.