Monday, July 15, 2019

Bear River

 In the early morning everything looks so fresh and green at Bear river.

Bear river is always full of life.  Sometimes female Mallard ducks take their little ducklings on a long stroll.

Pelicans from time to time are taking a flight.

In the evening Snowy Egrets are getting playful. They are so beautiful!

Franklin's gulls are also at Bear river. I saw them only once last summer but this summer is so different. There are so many of these birds at Bear river.

Everyone shares peacefully the space, only sometimes someone starts a fight for a his/her territory but it usually doesn't last a long time.


My first visit to Bear river wasn't very successful. I didn't make it all the way to the bird's refuge.  The drive was long and it was getting late. 

The spacious desert was very impressive and it was impossible not to fell in love with it. I remember that on my way back home I watched for the fist time Canada geese and was so thrilled to photograph them.

This summer I saw a Long-tailed weasel at Bear river who came out of grass for a short time and then disappeared.  And I was lucky to photograph a baby Skunk.


  1. the good place is at Be Here River.

  2. Your first picture tells the whole story, Kaya. For those of us who love nature early morning is the very best time of day. The world around us awakens and everywhere is fresh, the creatures of the night are going to roost and birds are active getting food for themselves and their young. The world truly comes alive at dawn. Just think of all the people who never witness it - and it is their loss.

  3. From far you can not see how rich fauna lives in such a place!
    Photographs of birds and weasel are National Geographic by their nature.

  4. Sucesión de imágenes a cul más bella. Comienzas con un gran paisaje y poco a poco vas introduciendo la vida en él.

    Los patitos en fila, me recuerdan a los niños pequeños cuando marchan en fila por la calle detrás de su maestra, haciendo alguna actividad extraescolar.


  5. Да, первое фото - целая утренняя история. Так и представила себе тебя, стоящую с камерой на берегу. И звуки, и запахи реки..

  6. I enjoyed the variety of shore birds and skunk...We have a baby skunk and it's parents ...well actually a family..who come to our back deck and eat the left over cat food. They are very polite and don't spray. It's cute to watch them walk across the back hill and down to our deck. Love that gull photo and oh..the pelicans. We were at Big Bear Lake yesterday and I didn't have my good camera which broke awhile back but I saw a whole glock of about 20 white pelicans in thelake - I got their photo but it's not too clear..darn..

  7. I love the place and I appreciate your photographs, Kaya. To borrow some lyrics from Uriah Heep:

    There I was on a July morning
    I was looking for love
    With the strength
    Of a new day dawning
    And the beautiful sun
    And at the sound
    Of the first bird singing ....

  8. very wonderful view of top photo...
    love to see ducklings...they are so cute ...

  9. Viendo la primera fotografía, con ese fuerte contraste entre la montaña desértica y el cañaveral del río, nadie podría imaginar la gran cantidad y variedad de vida que se esconde en las aguas y su entorno. El resto son todas ellas una gran lección de fotografía de fauna y me encanta ese pelícano blanco volando con sus alas totalmente abiertas sobre el fondo azul del cielo.
    Un abrazo,

  10. Precioso reportaje del río Bear con sus habitantes cotidianos.
    Un abrazo.

  11. Oh A baby skunk... so lovely so charming. Yes, you were so lucky but you deserve it. :) Stunning photos full of pure beauty. <3