Friday, January 24, 2020

Breakfast on Ice

It's not easy to fish on ice but this heron was very good at his fishing. The method catching fish was rather simple. 

Very tense while looking for fish. Wings up, legs bend. 

Ready to dive.  

Diving only with his head. I believe that herons keep their eyes open underwater.

Got fish and immediately takes off. That morning all herons didn't swallow fish right away.  They were looking for safe place where they could enjoy their breakfast. In peace.


  1. It has very elegant movements. Looks like Maia Pliseţkaia in Bolero.

  2. Una secuencia excepcional, tanto por mostrarnos a la garza pescando en el hielo, como por la nitidez y precisión de las imágenes.
    Un abrazo,

  3. My oh my. What a awesome group of photographs.

  4. Not to start an argument, but I think the movements of your heron most resemble those of a young Jorge Donn.

    No matter, Kaya, your bird is a skilled fisherman and your series of photographs demonstrate that wonderfully.

  5. Buena ssecuencia de imágenes, en las que se ve claramente, como captura el alimento.


  6. Great poses you got! We have a couple herons at our lake and I'm always excited to get their photographs.

  7. Una excelente secuencia documentado con unas buenas fotografías.
    Un abrazo.

  8. Estupendas secuencias de como pesca una garza, imágenes muy nítidas y realizadas con mucha maestría.


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