Sunday, February 16, 2020


This story happened in seconds and I didn't manage to capture it well. I am posting this story anyway, it would be sad to lose it. 

A Great Blue heron is very annoyed by a gull who is circurling around.  He established his territory and nobody is allowed to be there. A heron shows to a gull how big he is, how strong.

What a brave gull!  Spreading her wings showing to a heron that she isn't powerless also but a heron doesn't care, he is ready to chase an intruder.

Bigger and more powerful birds almost always win.


  1. A battle for territory. The strongest wins.
    A nice moment.
    The ballet of the birds is delicate.

  2. Lo quería todo para ella y echó a la gaviota. El grande siempre puede más. Estupendas secuencias Kaya.
    Buen domingo.
    Un abrazo.

  3. I think gulls must either be among the bravest birds or the craziest birds in the world. I have had one "bounce" off my head periodically when canoeing, but I know it mostly is a territorial and/or a parental matter for them and I have been encroaching on their terrain.

    The last photograph is the most striking among this group, Kaya -- from my point of view ....

  4. Una serie magnífica. Uno lo percibe como si estuviera sentado en el patio de butacas de un gran teatro asistiendo a un espectáculo de ballet clásico.
    Un abrazo,

  5. Es admirable, lo bien que captas esas aves en vuelo.


  6. love the pics - just checking in quick's been a busy four or five days with family....last day was today and they will be on their way home tonight to oregon. i'll be catching up to see what i've missed later

  7. Maravilloso como congelas su movimiento, lo que nos permite apreciar tantos y tantos detalles

    Un abrazo