Saturday, March 28, 2020

Eared Grebes at Bear River

Over the last few years I photographed Western Grebes, Pied-billed Grebes at Bear River but never Eared Grebes.  The moment I saw these birds my only hope was that Eared Grebes would stay close to the shore. And surprisingly they did!

A breeding adult. His bill is thin black and tipped, golden plumes splayed across the cheek.  A very impressive and beautiful bird!

After a long dive the Eared Grebe looked a little bit different.

At some moment one of Grebes stretched his neck and looked so funny.

Eared Grebes do nest in Northern Utah and hopefully someday I will see their mating displays, their nests and their youngs. 


  1. A grown-up adult, surprised that he is not alone.
    Images of excellent quality.

  2. Maravilloso Kaya. Las fotos son preciosas. Besos.

  3. one more time Lucky Kaya is sharing. Thanks

  4. Me hace gracia, el aspecto que tine en las primeras fotos, con las plumas de la cabeza, completamente tiesas.


  5. Bonitas imágenes de los Grabes, Kaya, por aquí no los he visto nunca. En la segunda foto parece saludar a la cámara.Grandes tiros.


  6. Preciosas imagenes. El ojo rojo es como un imán para la mirada y su cresta de plumas resulta muy graciosa.
    Un abrazo y a cuidarse.