Friday, April 3, 2020

Swainson's Hawks Mating on the Tree.

I was heading toward Bear River when I saw a female Swainson's Hawk perching on the branch of a tall tree. She looked so beautiful in golden light.

I stayed with her for a while but for a long time nothing interesting was happening and suddenly out of nowhere the male Swainson's Hawk appeared and landed on the female. And the mating began.

The female Red-tailed Hawk during the sunrise is waiting when the sun warms up the day.

This freezing cold morning I took the photos I never dreamed about and then I had a difficult time to identify these Hawks. Frustrating!

 Cão, thank you very much for helping me to identify these Hawks. 


  1. wow - wow wonderful captures - Such beautiful birds and they are making more . She just looks like ho hum...more babies.

  2. They will have eggs and then chicken and implicitly many headaches, but their life will become more beautiful.

  3. Now I know how birds do it. ~(‾▿‾)~

  4. Estupenda serie fotográfica, Kaya, unas imágenes muy oportunas, de gran interés y muy bien realizadas, muy validas para ilustrar cualquier revista de naturaleza.


  5. Kaya, what do you think of that : Swainson’s hawk ?
    that yellow beak and that white "mustache" reminds me of the swainson's hawk.

    1. Cão, thank you very, very much for your help and a link you send to me.
      They are Swainson's hawks! You are right!

    2. Good !
      now you have to correct your text...

  6. Buen testimonio gráfico. Dentro de nada, la familia se verá incrementada. De los huevos de la hembra, saldrán las crías , que se convertirán en hermosos halcones.

    Has tenido mucha suerte, de que apareciera el macho y poder fotografíar esas imágenes y con esa extraordinaria nitidez.


  7. Excelente reportaje sobre el apareamiento de los halcones. Has tenido una oportunidad y la has sabido aprovechar muy bien .
    Un abrazo y cuidate.