Monday, June 29, 2020

Male and Female Ruddy Ducks at Bear River

I have never seen these Ducks before at Bear River and was happy to photograph them. Later checking a list of birds in the refuge I learned that Ruddy Ducks are rarely seen there.

The male is in his breeding plumage, he has chestnut body, black crown and white cheeks. A very handsome guy.  What I like about these ducks that they have a long tail that is often held straight up. 

The female is dusky brown, rather plain and her cheeks have crossed by a dark stripe.


These Ducks were passing by the Western Grebe's nest who didn't show any concerns about the "visitors". Everyone was acting like "we share for a few seconds space, let's not make a big deal out of it".

Ruddy ducks are the migratory birds.


  1. The blue beak is unique.
    Formidable clarity, conquering tones.

  2. Bonito colorido has conseguido captar en estas tomas, Kaya.


  3. love the blue bill..beak...whatever it's called. so pretty.

  4. Love the blue beak …
    Fabulous photographs.

    All the best Jan