Thursday, July 30, 2020

With Mama on Her Back

We are having a heat wave for four days, right now 100 F, Saturday and Sunday we expect 101 F and then temperature will drop a little bit. 

This morning I was hesitant to drive to Bear River but decided to go anyway planning to return back home by 10 am. Yeah, you make plans and God laughs at them.  

I saw many birds this morning but stayed mostly with this female Grebe and her precious baby.  

This female had only one baby. Before I saw the female Grebes with two to three young ones on their backs.  Why this time only one?... 


How tender, how adorable are young ones.

Soon the young ones will mature and it will be almost impossible to distinguish them from adults.  Meanwhile, I enjoy so much seeing them on their mama's back.



  1. I like the way youu share.
    I like yyour pictures.

  2. Son imágenes muy simpáticas. En ellas se puede apreciar como vive la maternidad esas hermosas aves.


  3. Walking on the backs of myths does not bring fatigue.

  4. Hello Kaya,
    What a very nice pictures.
    So cute have you have photograph these birds.
    Great moments to see that youngne on the back of the mother. Fantastic!!

    Greetings, Marco

  5. So sweet, full of pure love, amazing photos!!! <3 Here is also so hot. I prefer cold weather, so when is 30 degrees I am dying. ;D hehe
    Lots of magical moments for you. :))))) <3

  6. Unas escenas simpáticas y llenas de ternura. Por si te sirve de consuelo por aquí estamos superando los 40ºC.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  7. I'm glad you got out in the heat and took the photos - so beautiful. Even in the mountains we are in the 90's and the UV index is so high that normally 90 isn't that bad but not when it is extreme.