Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My First American Crow

After chasing Crows for a few years I finally succeeded to take one decent photo of this wonderful bird. 

I spotted this Crow in early afternoon while leaving Bear River. He was making loud calls.  Was the Crow warning other Crows?  I saw a few Hawks soaring in the sky but they were far away. Or he was sending information about my presence  as a threat? The Crows are very intelligent birds, they teach other crows to fear us, humans.  

Sometimes the Crow was stopping making loud calls as if he was listening to the response and was silent for a while.

Generally, life is good.


  1. come and be photographed !!!
    come and have your picture taken, Kaya is here !!!

  2. They are intelligent and live a long time.

  3. Hello Kaya,
    Very nice to see this screaming bird.
    Amazing how you have photograph this very special bird. Well done!!

    Greetings, Marco

  4. Con tan sólo ver el pico tan abierto, pensé que el sonido que emitía debía ser bien potente. Seguramente quería establecer contacto con otros de su especie o bien que acudiera a su llamada alguna hembra.