Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Are You Coming or Not?

Birds are getting impatient and annoyed when their mates don't pay enough attention to them. 

This male Sandhill Crane was impatiently waiting on the road for his female mate who wasn't in a hurry to join him.  He shifted from foot to foot making it clear that it was time to leave.  

Some time later he lifted impatiently the left leg without taking his eyes off female. 

I will come when I am ready.  

Red-winged Blackbirds don't like Sandhill Cranes, they chase and attack them. Apparently, the Sandhill Cranes prey on Red-winged Blackbirds nests. 

On the photo above the female Crane who wasn't in a hurry to join her mate was attacked by the Red-winged Blackbird and was chased away.


After all patience has its limits. The male Crane slowly began to cross the road leaving his mate alone.  And by the way, who wants to be attacked by Red-winged Blackbird?

The female Crane escaped the attacks of Red-winged Blackbird.

Generally, life is good!