Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I Got a Personality


Eared Grebes are very special birds. I see them usually in May for a very short time at Bear River and later they leave and gather at Great Salt Lake.

Most of the year these birds are not flying at all, they store fat from food and their flying muscles shrink. That is how they become flightless.

At some point Eared Grebes stop eating and start exercise their wings and their flying muscles grow in preparation for one big overnight non stop flight over the desert to Pacific Ocean, where these birds spend the winter.

This spring I was fortunate and had a fantastic opportunity to observe Eared Grebes close.  I  was sitting on the shore and the only thing I had to do wait when the birds would become more comfortable around me.

The Grebe caught fish and carried it away from others to have a nice breakfast.

It's time to relax for a while before another round of fishing.

Early in the morning the sky was clouded and light was blue on my first photographs but later the sky cleared and light drastically changed. 

I enjoyed observing and photographing these small birds and will photograph them whenever I will have the opportunity at the mashes of Bear River or on the hypersaline Great Salt Lake where Eared Grebes can be seen by the thousands during spring and fall migration.

Generally, life is good!


  1. It is a delight to stop to contemplate nature, its beings, to stop to understand and photograph them.
    You leave us in your great photos a gift full of beauty, with the necessary information to understand, a little, in this case these birds, Eared Grebes.

  2. He has a very nervous cutter.

  3. Se ve que están reponiendo fuerzas, para cuando tengan que emprender el vuelo. De momento están descansando en ese bello espacio en donde no le falta de nada.

    Tus fotografías , como siempre, tienen muy buena definición.


  4. Magnificas fotografías, Kaya, muy bien realizadas, con una nitidez muy bien conseguida. Bonito el zampullín.



  5. Preciosas fotos Kaya, y esta ave es muy bonita, un saludo.

  6. Preciosas fotografías y un buen relato de las costumbres del somormujo. Es el sino de las aves migratorias tienen que alimentarse bien para poder soportar el duro viaje migratorio.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.