Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ospreys Saga - IX. In the Elementary School


The abandoned nest that is only forty five feet away from the old one became the elementary school for two juvenile Ospreys.

There are only two young ones in the Osprey family. Are they brothers or sisters? It's hard to tell.  I can tell apart the adult female from male but when it comes to juvenile Ospreys I am lost.

Anyway, while one of juvenile Ospreys was learning how to keep balance on the log, his sibling carefully studied the platform of the abandoned nest. 

This juvenile Osprey certainly has an interesting personality and his behavior was so captivating that I took numerous photos of this young one.

Finally, the juvenile abandoned the log and joined his sibling.

The whole story was unfolding to the accompaniment of their mother's chirping who was watching her babies very intensely. The young ones for the first time flew out of the nest and their mother turned into a ball of nerves. For how long?...

Generally, life is good!


  1. Кая, отличные фотографии. Любуюсь на молодых скопов.

  2. Excelentes imagenes.
    Un saludo, amiga

  3. Чудесные снимки! Когда ты закрыла старый блог - к меня исчезли фото, которые я заимстовал (с твоего разрешения!) :(. Но сегодня, продя по ссылке, я был приятно удивлен! Потрясающие работы!

    1. Almast, спасибо тебе за то, что ты здесь, что не забыл, что я опять буду читать твой блог.
      День обещает быть интересным и хорошим.

  4. Ya se han echo independiente y no necesitan ya a sus padres. Ahora aprenden a buscar el sustento y tener su propio nido.

    Las fotos que has captado, son de una calidad fotográfica impresionante.


  5. you have a great blog I live in Miami
    Not so far from you Thnaks

  6. This is how a conqueror of altitude is born.

  7. Кая, каждый раз зависаю над твоими фотографиями. Ты так талантлива. Твои птицы такие одухотворённые.

  8. Tienen que ir aprendiendo para cuando abandonen el nido y dependan de si mismos. Mientras los progenitores vigilando que no cometan alguna torpeza. Esta serie está resultando ser muy interesante, Kaya.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.

  9. Hello Kaya,
    This is so special. These moments to see his first lessons to fly are amazing.
    And so special to could photograph. Your pictures are great and of high quality. Very nice!!

    Many greetings,