Thursday, December 2, 2021

Behind the Lens -I.

You published a new post. An hour later, you return to it and reread, and suddenly you realize that all your efforts were just a simple tediousness. 

You erase the words without any regret and you feel a relief but for some reason you can't remove a photo and you wonder why.


This photo is riddled with loneliness. I have many photographs that convey this feeling.  I think at some point of my life I started to explore loneliness and isolation.  I also got influenced by some photographers who have been created for years the photographs where loneliness screamed and didn't let you go.


The photograph above is sad but it's also a celebration of life, determination and strength.


Right now this photo is a beautiful memory of our family tradition that sadly no longer exists. 

At the beginning of autumn three of us, my husband, our dog Tasha and I, have been driving to one of the campgrounds in the mountains to spend a day there. 

Tasha enjoyed her freedom, she was running in every place possible collecting on her paws thorns from thistles. 

We laughed and waited when our not so young dog would calm down and fall asleep on a soft carpet of autumn leaves and we would have our picnic lunch surrounded by the silent tall trees and chimes of birds.


Generally, life is good!


  1. how can sadness emanate from so much light and colour mastered.
    Sometimes, mystery is good !

  2. La vida no solo es alegría... A veces la tristeza lo domina todo. La vida es así, lo contrario sería un puro cuento.
    La vida es ciclica y todo se renueva de continuo: alegria - tristeza; nacer - renacer; uf, en fín, tenemos que adaptarnos a la vida...
    Un abrazo, amiga (los fotos son bellísimas)

  3. Hello dear Kaya,
    I understand you.
    Cherish these beautiful moments you have with your husband and your sweet dog. You often find happiness together with your own partner. Enjoy this.
    Your photo of your dog is also very endearing, so sweet.

    Big hug,

  4. I read your previous post, Kaya, and I liked it, because I understand you, because most of the time we think more about others and less about ourselves.
    The photography is beautiful, with that black background in which the leaf beats, like a heart full of strength. And, of course,Tasha's photo produces calm, relaxation. I like it very much :)
    Hope you have a nice Friday, Kaya.
    A big hug.

  5. The power to face the cold weather!
    Tasha is very nice!

  6. Кая, фотография завораживает...за ней стоит тайна, неизвестность...
    Таша красотка

  7. Esa hoja , se ha quedado completamente sola y no tardará en reunirse en el suelo con todas las demás.

    Me ha encantado la ternura que desprende tu última fotografía.


  8. I like the photograph for a few reasons, one of which is that there appear to be buds on the tree / branch, indicating the leaf is from last year. You see? A new time is beginning leaving behind the past.

    I also saw the words from the original post, Kaya, and thought them especially touching ....