Friday, January 28, 2022

All's Well That Ends Well.


The story I was able to photograph last Friday started pretty peacefully that at some point it seemed that this would be an ordinary story without any twists and turns.

Before sunset, the Bill-ringed Gull on the photo above went for its routine evening fishing.  The whole setting was pretty interesting; the Gull was looking for fish, the setting sun created the wonderful golden reflections in the dark blue water.  

The whole scene seemed so peaceful and suddenly in a matter of seconds everything has changed. 

The Gull spotted a fish that was close to the surface.  

To catch a fish and lose it for sure, was not part of Gull's plan, and in an instant it took off with fish in its bill.  The Gull knew that other gulls were watching it and the most aggressive of them would try to steal the fish.

My first intention was not to post the photograph above because I clipped the wings of Gulls but later I changed my mind because the moment was tense and powerful.

To break away from an aggressive pursuer is always difficult. Usually, a bird has two options; to get into fight that might be a win or lose situation or try to swallow its catch on fly. The Bill-ringed Gull chose the last option leaving the other gull with nothing.

All's well that ends well.  Generally, life is good.