Monday, May 23, 2022

Hiding in the Thickets of Swamp


Herons usually prefer to hide in the thickets of the swamps at Bear River MBR and they do it so skillfully that I usually end up with very disappointing photos.

I always tried to avoid the cluttered backgrounds but a few days ago I gave them a chance to work as they are. I am sure that some photographers can find those backgrounds distracting but I like them because they show the birds in natural habitat.

A Black-crowned Heron found such a secure place that at the beginning I could hardly see his face.  Luckily, he moved slightly to the left and stretched his head.   

The Heron likes this spot especially in early mornings. He usually takes a short rest there before he will go on hunt. 

 A Great Blue is hiding in the reeds.

The same Great Blue Heron showed up in all his glory against the blue sky and I was able to get a classic portrait of it.  

Generally, life is good!


  1. Не перестаю восхищаться красотой и совершенством птиц.

  2. beautiful series ;
    the last image is superb !!!

  3. Hello Kaya,
    This is very nice.
    Amazing how have photograph these herons. Wonderful with the bright colors and the colors of the high reed stems. Very well done!!

    Greetings, Marco

  4. Saben ocultarse muy bien, pero con tu lentre macro, las has sabido encontrar. Son muy bellas las fotografía que has hecho y de forma especial la última, con ese precioso azul de fondo.


  5. Grandes tiros, Kaya, los dos retratos muy bien realizados.


  6. You got some good photos!! I have stalked a few at our lake while they are stalking fish. it's worth it to get the photos.

  7. Menos mal que son fotografías decepcionantes, sino como hubieran salido. Kaya tiene una habilidad especial para capturar fotos de naturaleza.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.

  8. Me encanta la majestuosidad del ave y la belleza con que lo has captado.
    Un abrazo, amiga

  9. Olá, Kaya, vi você num blog dos amigos em comum e vim conhecer seu blog.
    Que fotos lindas, e essa aqui e especial, fantástica. A natureza também requer cuidados, uns com os outros.
    Uma boa semana,
    um abraço daqui do sul Brasil.