Sunday, May 15, 2022

Shall We Dance ?

It happens. Sometimes a male Sandhill Crane is willing to perform a courtship dance but a female isn't in a mood.  

On the photo above the male Crane started his invitation to dance with spreading his wings wide open and standing on one leg but the female wasn't very impressed.

The male chose a different approach showing how gentle he is, how humble but the female completely ignored his trick.

What would happen if I perform a bow?  Will she be willing to go into dance with me?

No, this trick didn't work also.  

It's my last chance, my last wings flap and elegant stretch. Maybe, my chosen one will be willing perform with me a courtship dance?


I admired the male's perseverance and his graceful invitation to dance but unfortunately, the female remained indifferent to the male's attempts to draw her into the dance.  This morning she was not in the mood to participate in the mating dance.

Generally, life is good!  


  1. Besides the beautiful photos I liked your Narrative - it definitely fits. Great photos!!

  2. Фото высший пилотаж! И спасибо за романтическую историю)

  3. An insistent invitation, with delicate movements.

  4. Se ve que esto del baile es complicado... Y de resultados inciertos! :))))))

    Pero la imágenes son excepcionales!

    Chao Kaya.

  5. Me gusta como cuentas lo que sucede, fantástica fotos.
    No sé que pasa que no puedo escribir con mi perfil, soy Olga.

  6. Hello Kaya,
    What a great shots of these fantastic and beautiful colored birds.
    You have caught them so well.

    Greetings, Marco

  7. Interesantes ls momentos que has captado, Kaya, y con unos colores muy atractivos. Gran trabajo.