Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Yesterday - I.


Yesterday the Bear River greeted me with strong, gusty wind, which died down just before sunset.  But this was not something special; what was special and surprising was a group of four Snowy Egret that behaved unusually.

First, they didn't care at all about my presence or so it seemed but when they stood on the rocks they always were looking in my direction and checking if I was still there.

Then they usually flew to the bridge where I was standing, completely ignoring me. I wish I could be ignored like this all the time.

Sometimes I just needed to take a few steps back because Egrets were in such a close proximity that my lens had a difficult time to focus.

And to my big surprise, one Egret even walked toward me on the road.  True, he very soon came to his senses and flew away.

I was fascinated by yesterday’s behavior of these extraordinary birds and could not find a decent explanation for it. Maybe it has something to do with the wind, although I doubt it.

Generally, life is good.