Wednesday, February 26, 2020

A Breeding Adult Great Blue Heron

I have never met before a breeding adult Great Blue heron at Bear River and was pleased to photograph it.  A heron's "beard" was wonderful, long and shiny, he had the black feathers above his eyes and a beautiful white crown. Very impressive!

In one of my previous posts I posted the photo of a swimming Great Blue heron.  Recently I learned that Great Blues can swim but prefer not. Their feet are no help at all, they have long toes that are not webbed and huge sharp talons. 

This winter was very special. I was lucky to capture a few stories about Great Blues and learned something new and interesting about them.  Three more stories left to tell. I am waiting for the arrival of spring and the new stories that will come with its arrival.


  1. Un ejemplar bellísimo Kaya. Nunca he visto nadar a las garzas, siempre volando y paradas en el agua como estas.
    Las fotos son perfectas
    Te deseo un buen miércoles.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Paer a sentry guarding the world from evil.

  3. Lovely photographs Kaya. Last week I spotted a heron flying overhead. I always thought the went south for the winter. It's cold here in Southern Ontario.

  4. Que belleza porta la garza, Kaya, y muy curiosa la barba. Bonitas fotografías.


  5. Herons are both good looking and strange looking birds.

    A really nice pair of photographs, Kaya. My first thought when looking at the second shot was to wonder how long it would be before their feet get cold when standing on ice .... probably pretty long ....

  6. have you seen heron eggs in nature?...I just curious...

    # Excellent shots

    1. Tanza, I have never seen heron's eggs in nature. I wish I would...

  7. Muy buenas imagenes... Me gusta mucho tu bello trabajo. Un animal de gran belleza
    Un abrazo

  8. Excelente trabajo. Fotografiar aves es bastante complicado.


  9. Beauty. :) Fabulous photos dear Kaya. I absolutely can feel love and passion through your photos...every time I can see them. :)
    Have a nice day, best regards. :)))

  10. Dos preciosas tomas de esta espectacular garza su plumaje llama poderosamente la atención.
    Un abrazo,