Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Can We Save Our Pelicans?

I learned recently that our White American Pelicans who breed and nest on Gunnison Island are in big trouble.  It's sad and heartbreaking!

Gunnison Island is a part of Great Salt Lake that is salty and there is no fish. Each day the adult Pelicans fly 30 miles east, especially to Bear River Migratory Bird refuge where there are plenty of fish. Then Pelicans return back to Gunnison Island to feed their young ones. 

The Gunnison Island is in big trouble because over the years the Great Salt Lake is getting shallower and also some predators were allowed to get onto the island like coyotes.

The number of our White American Pelicans dropped significantly over the last years. Before there were 4000-5000 Pelicans were raised on the Gunnison Island, today the number of them reduced significantly, to 500.

The future looks so bleak for these incredible birds. Can we save our Pelicans? 

If you wish to learn more about it and watch video you can visit the blog "Feathered Photography" that is written by Ron Dudley, the retired Biology and Zoology teacher and a fantastic bird photographer. 


  1. At this rate, pelicans will become an endangered species.
    The pelicans in the photos are relaxed and I think they are old.

  2. This is sad to read. That's a huge decrease. Love the photos of these precious birds.

  3. the coyote isn't the only one responsible for the critical fall in the pelican population ?

    1. There are also other predators that got on Gunnison Island beside coyotes.

  4. Sería una gran pérdida que un ave tan bella desapareciese y parece que no es solamente vuestro pelícano blanco el que afronta problemas pues, al parecer, el pelícano peruano también está disminuyendo sus poblaciones.
    Un abrazo y salud,

  5. Sería lamentable que desapareciera n esas bellas aves, habría qeu encontrar los mecanismos necesarios para solucionar este difícil problema.

    Como ocurre siempre. Me han encantado tus fotografías.


  6. Espero que se salve Kaya, sería una pena, esta es un ave que me despierta gran curiosidad. Las fotos son preciosas. Besos.

  7. Es una pena que un ave tan bonita este con problemas de existencia. Y encima que dependa de un presidente negacionista del cambio climático como Trump.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  8. Seria una gran pena que desapareciera el pelícano, Kaya, son los estragos del cambio climático, que tenemos que parar como sea. Las fotos preciosas.


  9. Goodness, this is sad, such a decrease in numbers.
    I enjoyed your photographs.

    All the best Jan