Monday, April 19, 2021

Female Muscovy Duck with Her Mate


The female Muscovy duck I saw last Sunday was with her mate.  When a time will come the female will build a nest for her nestlings and will care for them on her own.  The ducklings after they fledge will maintain the strong bond with each other even after their mother will leave.

The female duck was a true beauty, very feminine and slender.  

Perhaps, I made her a little bit nervous and she raised the crest of feathers on her head.


The female Muscovy Ducks don't mate for life like Canada geese.   

It's time for a nap.

The male Muscovy Duck.

It's interesting that Muscovy Ducks are the quietest of all ducks.  Geese are noisy, female Mallard ducks are noisy but the Muscovy Ducks are overall quiet.

Generally, life is good!