Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Male Short-eared Owl is on a Hunt - I.


Short-eared Owls are year around residents in Northern Utah but they are nomadic birds and not seen often. When the prey becomes scarce the Short-eared Owls move to a new location. 

Usually, I see Owls perching on the sign posts but yesterday in the late afternoon I noticed something unusual in the grass and to my surprise it was the male Short-eared Owl.  While preparing to photograph him I silently was asking the Owl, please, please stay where you are just for a few seconds, don't fly away.

All Owls have hearing so sharp that they can hear a mouse moving on the ground.  Owls use their eyes to hear.  Those large, round structures around owl eyes are able to catch sound waves.

The Owl turns its head to hear better.  Owls often do this.

At some point the Owl decided to leave this spot and took off.  I was sure that my encounter with this bird was over but the Owl didn't fly far away and I had another opportunity to watch and photograph this amazing bird.

Generally, life is good!