Monday, April 5, 2021

Marsh Wren is Performing His Solo

Being with a Marsh Wren even for a very short time and listening to its singing was the best part of my whole trip to Bear River last week. 

The song the Wren performed was so harmonious, relaxing and soothing that I could listen to it for a long time. 

Marsh Wrens are year around residents in Northern Utah but I've never seen them in winter.  These birds are very secretive during cold months and probably most of the time they are hiding but when the spring comes they are more active, singing and building nests.

Marsh Wren is singing in the early morning.

Generally, life is good!



  1. Uns primers plans fantàstics, Kaya!
    Una abraçada.

  2. They certainly don't like winter. Very nice colors in photos.

  3. Que momentos más agradables has captado con tu cámara, Kaya, la segunda foto en pleno canto es estupenda. Buenas fotos.


  4. Muy bien captados en un precioso fondo. Su canto debe sonar muy bien en medio de la Naturaleza.


  5. El canto de los pájaros es una delicia. Yo salgo todos los días muy temprano a pasea con mi perro por el campo y es un regalo para los oídos escuchar a esas horas el canto de los pájaros.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  6. My maternal grandmother thought the song of the wren is the most beautiful sound on earth. I tend to agree.

    Love the post, Kaya, and your photography is exquisite ....

  7. Beautiful photographs that show us of this marsh wren in its natural habitat. Greetings Kaya

  8. Fantastic photos !!!
    Have a nice weekend