Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ospreys Saga -VII. Last Days in the Nest


For almost a month I am watching and photographing the family of Ospreys. Many things have changed since my first encounter with these incredible raptors.

The female Osprey and her young ones got used to see me often and became more  comfortable with my presence.  There is an invisible line that I try not to cross when I photographing Ospreys and it works.

I also started to believe that Ospreys recognize me. I read that some birds are able to recognize people's faces and may even know who their human friends are. I hope that is true. 

Anyway, the family of Ospreys doesn't perceive me anymore as a threat and I am happy about it.

This morning I found the nest was empty and my heart sank.  I felt as if I lost my friends I used to see often. 

I looked around and scanned the area and was surprised to see two juvenile Ospreys on an abandoned nest, just approximately forty feet way from the nest where they were born and raised. 

Apparently, one early morning the young ones made their first flight for a very short distance and not far away from their mother.

I missed the moment when the juvenile Ospreys left the nest but their story isn't over yet.  Hopefully, I would be able to follow this Ospreys family till the very end before it will start its migration.

Most Ospreys that breed in North America migrate to Central and South America for winter.

Generally, life is good!


  1. the intelligence of both parties.

  2. Они мне нравятся.

  3. Adults seem to want to protect him.

  4. Nuevas familias, se instalan en el área, para criar a sus polluelos. Primeros ellos vuelan cerca del nido, hasta que tienen la independencia total.


  5. Nuevamente por aquí y me alegro mucho de que sigua regalándonos sus excelentes trabajos de fotografía de la naturaleza, especialmente aves. Durante este largo tiempo he podido seguir y disfrutar de sus fotografías a través del correo electrónico al estar suscrito a su blog.
    Estimada amiga, reciba un cariñoso abrazo.

  6. Los polluelos hacen practicas de volar para coger resistencia. Una historia muy bonita la que nos estás cantando y las fotografias también.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.