Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ospreys Saga - VIII. A Taste of Independence

The Juvenile Ospreys "independence" started with leaving the old nest and making a short flight to the another abandoned nest approximately forty five feet away from the old one.  That wasn't actually a true independence, just a taste of it.

While the young ones enjoyed their freedom their mother was intensely watching her babies from the old nest and from time to time chirping loudly and warning her young ones to be careful but none of juveniles payed attention to their mother's chirping.

This Juvenile Osprey is exploring the new place while balancing on the log.

Ospreys have long pointed wings that allow to take off rapidly and provide speed. They are powerful and strong.

While is lifting one leg the bird is balancing on another. The claws on the raptor's right foot are clutched tightly to the log.

Eventually the young raptor settled comfortably on the log but one of his foot is slightly up. It seems that he isn't completely ready to relax and observe the world after all efforts he took.

I wonder how it feels to experience independence even if it's not full independence yet?

The juvenile Ospreys are still under watch of their mother and they have to learn a lot from their father who soon will take them on their first flight to Pineview Reservoir and will teach how to catch fish.

Generally, life is good!


  1. Кая, отличные снимки и комментарии к ним. С каждым разом эти сильные птицы нравятся всё больше и больше.

  2. Buenos ejercicios está haciendo al filo del poste. Me encantan las piruetas de las primeras fotos.


  3. A workout for a living. Wonderful snapshots.

  4. Son tiempos de aprendizaje. Tienen que aprenden a volar y después a ganarse el sustento con ayuda de sus progenitores. Preciosas la fotos de la joven águila pescadora.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.

  5. Poco a poco se va probando a sí mismo, preparándose para volar y cazar sin ayuda.
    Un fuerte abrazo,

  6. What a beautiful pictures! Love all of them!
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