Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Salty Desert Wildlife - I. Coyote

During our severe drought all animals who found a home on Antelope Island were affected by it because of lack of water and food supply.
There are over forty freshwater springs on island to support the island's wild life but many of them dried up.

This morning I met a coyote while I was driving along the Causeway.  Autumn is almost arrived and it brought nice fall colors.  The coyote was resting among desert plants enjoying the cool morning.

The coyote's rest was short.

The Great Salt Lake is salty and when water in the Great Salt Lake evaporates it leaves the salt behind.  The coyote is standing on the dry salty ground that is white and solid.

The coyote is walking his way in the salty dry desert.

Will we recover from our extreme drought eventually?  I hope we will but it will take several good winters with plenty of snow.  We get our water from the snowy mountains.

Generally, life is good.


  1. He looks a little disoriented. Seen in a hurry, it looks like a fox. Beautiful autumn colors.

  2. Your shots are so amazing! I love all of them!

    1. I love photography too, Kaya. I have a blog on that subject (two, actually): Instantes para recordar and Universos Paralelos (this last blog is for my tales, poems... and pictures, of course!) :).
      Have a nice weekend!

  3. What a wonderful shots of this coyote. This is a beautiful animal.
    You have photograph him on nice places, so very wonderful with the autumn colors. He is so very impressive with his long ears.
    I love it.

    Many greetings,

  4. Siento pena por esos animales y la escasez de agua.El agua es fuente de vida.


  5. Espero que nieve Kaya, todos necesitamos el agua. Las fotos son maravillosas y el coyote me encanta. Besos.

  6. Улыбающийся койот)