Saturday, September 18, 2021

Notes ot Self - XVIII. One of Those Days


I remember that rainy Sunday morning in great detail.  The rain was knocking on my windshield furiously while I was driving toward the Bear River and trying to find one good reason why I was going there.

That rainy morning turned out to be the best morning I have ever had at Bear River.  The male Yellow-headed blackbirds were singing hoping to attract any female who happened to be around. They weren't hiding in their shelters.

A soaking wet Great Blue Heron on the photo above was fishing in the swamp and wasn't going to hide from rain.  Everything was so unpredictable and surprising on that rainy morning. 

In my former country every rainy summer day was taken for granted.  Here in Utah, even a short summer rain is a gift that you rejoice like a child and hope that it turns into a downpour.

Generally, life is good!


  1. Hi, Kaya! Lovely words, indeed! :) As you usually says: life is good, yes, and I add... and full of nice things to enjoy! I love your shot. It's wonderful!
    A hug!

  2. A collection photo through uniqueness.

  3. Just now, in the Médoc, two heavy showers fell on the ground, before and after I read your delicious article.

  4. Muy bella imagen, amiga... Y claro que si, la vida es bella...
    Un abrazo

  5. Generalmente todos los esfuerzos tienen su recompensa. Y ese día tu conseguiste una bella fotografía de la garza en el pantano.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  6. Se encuentran muy a gusto en su entorno, mintras buscan la manera de alimentarse. No le teme a la lluvia y no le importa estar mojada.


  7. Que bonito entorno Kaya. La foto es espectacular. Besos.

  8. Снимок , как всегда на высоте.