Friday, October 22, 2021

A Rescued Mute Swan - II.

My first encounter with a Mute Swan took place three days ago on a rainy cold morning. I was walking in our local park and saw behind the fence a big large bird.  Is this the same swan I photographed six year ago? No, it's impossible...

At this precise moment I forgot about my walk, about rain that was getting more heavy and persistent, I rushed to the Dinosaur park office to ask for permission to spend time with the Swan and photograph it the next day.

I don't know what the park employees thought about me when I stormed into office excited and out of breath.  Luckily, they didn't take me for a madwoman and allowed me to enter the park the next day without paying an entrance fee.  

I was happy and thought that sometimes life surprises me with wonderful gifts, like a birdsong, light breeze, a smile of a stranger and an opportunity to photograph the most elegant and majestic bird on Earth, a Mute Swan.

Unfortunately, the situation is very sad.  The rescued Mute Swan found itself in the unknown environment and without its pair.  The bird is injured and no one knows how long it will take for the Swan to recover, if ever.

Hopefully, the Mute Swan I met two days ago will live a long and healthy life.

Generally, life is good!


  1. Bellissimo il Cigno.
    Buon fine settimana.

  2. Чудесные снимки. Кая, про то, что делает тебя счастливой прочитала несколько раз и как бы напиталась и сама твоим счастьем. Спасибо

  3. Hi, Kaya! I'm happy that you could take some photos of the swan, that beautiful bird :) Yes, sometimes life gives us unforgettable moments.
    All the pictures are so lovely, Kaya. I like them very much.
    Have a nice day.
    A hug.

  4. Me encanta especialmente la segunda imagen , en el que el cisne se encuentra con una gran compañía. Todos los que le acompañan, se quedan pequeños ante su altura.


  5. Una belleza de fotografías, Kaya, deseo que el cisne se recupere y vuelva a la normalidad.


  6. She doesn't seem to be in her world, but she'll be fine.

  7. Wow Kaya, es maravilloso disfrutar de tus fotos. Son espectaculares. Abrazos.

  8. Tienes razón, el cisne es el pájaro más elegante entre todos ellos. Esperemos que se pueda recuperar y pueda reencontrarse con su pareja.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, que bellisimas imagenes de ese bellisimo animal... Preciosas capturas, amiga
    Un abrazo