Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Rescued Mute Swan - I.

Six years ago exactly on the same day, October 20th,  I photographed a rescued Trumpeter Swan in our local Dinosaur Park.  The Swan was injured and was recovering.  As soon as he recovered he left the park.

This morning I was allowed to photograph another rescued Swan who happened to be a Mute Swan.

Apparently, the Swan cannot fly and it walks slowly. His companions are only Mallard ducks.  

Swans shouldn't be alone because they don't do well when they don't have a companion.  Should I say that separation makes them less swan-like?

The staff at the Dinosaur park is trying to find a companion for this Swan. I wish they would succeeded at it.

I spent two hours this morning with the Swan and realized it only when I got back home. At some point the time stopped and everything suddenly receded in the background. There were no more disturbing thoughts, no stress, just a big beautiful bird and I.  

Photographing the Swan I tried to keep the safe distance so as not to stress the bird. After a while I started to feel that the Mute Swan and I became friends. Of course, it was just an illusion...

Generally, life is good!

to be continued...


  1. Las imagenes son impresionantes, amiga, como lo es el amor por los animales que destilan tus palabras.
    Un abrazo

  2. God will make the swan's nest until it heals. A story written with a lot of soul.

  3. Красивые птицы. Здоровья шипуну и друга

  4. Sure, Kaya, you and the swan can become the best of friends, at least in your mind! :) Well, your pictures are amazing, as usual! I always say the same: love all of them, but, Kaya, I really do! :) I learn from you too.
    Thanks for your words and your beautiful shots.
    Take care and have a nice day.
    A hug

  5. Es precioso el cisne, espero que se encuentre un buen compañero, para que nunca se pueda sentir solo.


  6. Bellas imágenes del cisne mudo. Una bella histórica que espero termine felizmente.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.


  7. Unos acercamientos al cisne de gran cálida fotográfica, Kaya, tanto en encuadres como en nitidez. El texto muy conmovedor.



  8. Seguro que le encuentran compañía. Bellas imágenes con una gran hitoria.
    Buen fin de semana. texto
    Un abrazo.