Monday, January 17, 2022

It's Time to Watch Tundra Swans in Norhern Utah - II.

Taking the photos of Tundra Swans I thought what can I tell about these birds. These Swans are slightly larger and relatively long-necked than any goose.

While watching these birds I also wondered if it was possible that one of the Swans with a grayish head was a juvenile Swan and this was its first winter at Bear River.  By the way, its bill was already black and not anymore pink at base.

The Swans most of the time dozed in the company of Gulls but when they awoke they often where looking north and letting me to admire their backs.  Far away were a large group of Tundra Swans and this trinity from time to time were looking in their direction.  

The Tundra Swans were pretty awkward and it's understandable.  It's not fun at all to stand and walk on ice, you have to take all precautions not to hurt yourself.

Generally, life is good!