Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hummingbirds - II.


Hummingbirds have long migrated. When I walk past their favorite Red Trumpet Vines, I feel sad. Summer is over.  But next spring these small birds with a nearly straight bill and short wings will return.  I will wait for them.

I believe that I photographed females Anna's Hummingbirds that morning but not sure.

Life goes on.


  1. Безумно нравится эта серия снимков!

  2. Hello Kaya,
    What a wonderful pictures.
    So fantastic how you have photograph the hummingbird with his spread wings.
    These shots are very colorful with the beautiful flowers. So very nice!!

    Many greetings,

  3. Se han despedido, dejando estos bellos momentos fotográficos.

  4. Preciosas fotografías, Kaya, con una "congelación" del vuelo del colibri formidable. Después de un periodo de descanso , por aquí estoy de nuevo.


  5. Querida Kaya:
    Disculpe que me dirija a usted por aquí, pero necesitaba hacerlo y no sabía cómo.
    He sabido por su entrada en el blog del día 16 de octubre la triste noticia del fallecimiento de su esposo, hecho que me ha entristecido.
    Junto con mi pesar, quiero hacerle llegar a usted mi apoyo y mejores deseos.
    Un fuerte abrazo de su amigo, Miguel

    Dear Kaya,
    Excuse me for addressing you here, but I needed to do it and I didn't know how.
    I have learned from your blog entry on October 16 the sad news of the death of your husband, a fact that has saddened me.
    Along with my regret, I want to extend my support and best wishes to you.
    A big hug from your friend, Miguel and excuse me for my bad English