Monday, March 20, 2023

Flying Tundra Swans


This winter, with its endless rain and snow I began to believe that I would never see Tundra Swans on the Bear River MBR this year.  

Nature last week had mercy and gave us four sunny days, drying dirt roads quiet well and yesterday I was able to get to the refuge.

The opportunity to see Tundra Swans again gave me not only a joy but also a feeling that there is some certainty in this life.  

Yesterday evening the weather wasn't very cooperative.  There was little light because the sky was overcast and at times there was light rain, and later strong wind started.  

I photographed Swans knowing that quality of the photos would suffer but it didn't matter much.

Life goes on.


  1. Tienen un elegante vuelo, hasta la gaviota se ha detenido, para poderlos ver volar.

  2. Preciosas escenas del vuelo de los cisnes. Estas aves son de una gran belleza y elegancia.
    Un abrazo y cuídate.

  3. I can hear, from here, the whistle of the flight...

  4. Una belleza en vuelo, Kaya, magnificas capturas.


  5. Кая, спасибо . Это такое наслаждение...