Friday, June 2, 2023

Beautiful Glide of a Great Blue Heron

Watching Great Blue Herons fly to their nests was an opportunity that I don't get very often. 

The Heron in the photo above is flying in its classic pose.  It has left the nest and is heading for fishing. 


Approaching the nest the Heron stretches out its neck.  Landing should be calculated to the smallest little detail.  

The Heron is hovering in the air before landing on the nest.  It only lasts a few seconds.

Great Blue Herons are still at the Farmington Bay rookery.  Unfortunately, I haven't been there for a few weeks and, probably, the young ones grew up and got stronger.

Life goes on.


  1. Tiene sus movimientoscalculados al milímetro, ya tiene mucha experiencia en el vuelo.

  2. Grace in flight.
    Absolute perfection.

  3. Majestuoso, parece que la garza estuviera danzando en el aire. Bellísimas fotos.
    Un abrazo.

  4. landings require vigilance, judging by the way they are handled

  5. Perfectas, Kaya, una belleza de fotografías del ave en vuelo.


  6. Como es costumbre, nos muestras una secuencia de excelentes imágenes que casi nos permiten ver al ave en pleno movimiento.
    Un abrazo,