Monday, June 5, 2023

Goslings - I.


Last week I came across a family of Canada Geese and their seven goslings in our local Beau park. 

At first they all looked the same, but the longer I stayed with them, the more I saw how different they were.

Some of goslings were smaller and weaker.  Sometimes they lost their balance and fell, others were bigger and stronger.  

This gosling is taking a short rest.  Soon it will join its parents and siblings for a swim.

It's so nice and safe to be together.

I hope that all goslings will survive first year and become strong birds.  I wish them all good health and long life.

Life goes on.  


  1. The start of a long journey.
    Long live them !

  2. Unas bellas escenas las de esos pequeñines dando sus primeros pasos.
    Un fuerte abrazo,

  3. Приголубить хочется))

  4. Bellas imágenes, Kaya, llenas de ternura. bonitas fotos.