Thursday, November 8, 2018

Black- Necked Stilts

At the end of August in some places the Bear river became very shallow but it didn't bother Black-necked stilts. It seemed that they were thriving in the shallow water.

Everything about Black-necked stilt seems so delicate, so fragile. Their thin legs, slim elegant wings and their needle-like bill. 

I saw and photographed Black-necked stilts on Antelope Island and learned that they like Franklin's gulls also feed on brine flies. And brine shrimps.  


  1. Bird with delicate ballerina moves. Merit is the author of the photos;)

  2. They are very elegant in an outrageous sort of way. I suspect that shallow water might be just to their liking, with lots of surface insects to skim off the surface, making for fine feeding. Certainly they are always a delight to see.

  3. Look at those legs!

    I love how you caught the ripples in the water.

  4. Yes, to delicate; yes, to ballerina. The moment I saw these photographs the words "delicate dancer" entered my mind. I prefer the first photograph and, by a slight edge, think it is the best of the three. The only thing that could have made it better would have been glass-smooth water to capture a perfect reflection. Take care of that next time, will you, Kaya? Teasing ....

  5. but so vigilant and so agressive when they nest !!

  6. Tres grandes fotografías que hacen pensar en una secuencia de ballet clásico. La inclusión de los reflejos del ave es todo un acierto.
    Un abrazo,


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