Friday, May 22, 2020

Sandhill Crane is Heading Toward the Marsh

A luck is a big part in bird photography. Every time I am at Bear River I hope that with a pinch of luck my trip would be worthwhile and I see a bird I have never seen before or meet again a Short-eared Owl or a Coyote. 

Seeing a Sandhill Crane and following him to the marsh was like a dream that came true.

Passing by and for a minute posing and lifting his wings as if he going to perform a courtship dance.

Something captured his attention in the water.

Another stop.  How I love his elegant posture with wings up. How beautiful and dignify he is!

Walking slowly not paying attention to Avocet.

It's time for cleaning. 

Leaving this place and heading toward the marsh. It's a long walk to the marsh and at some point the Crane will take flight to get there.

See you at the marsh!


  1. He will certainly not be alone.
    He has an artistic figure.
    Very balanced photos.

  2. Preciosa la grulla, parece como si estuviera danzando. La tranquilidad de las aguas ha facilitado esos buenos reflejos.
    Un abrazo y cuidate.

  3. La suerte y la determinación de ir a ese lugar en donde se reunen, hace que siempre puedas realizar unas bellas fotografías.


  4. Beautiful photographs.
    Also lovely to see both the crane and the avocet together.

    All the best Jan

  5. Hello Kaya,
    This is so fantastic. Really amazing how you have photograph these cranes.
    This is high quality!! Nice with the reflection into the water and so cute with that little one.
    Congratulations with these results!! The dream of every nature photographer.

    Greetings, Marco

  6. Con sus alas abiertas está imponente, mostrándose orgulloso. Todo un acierto el incluir su reflejo en el agua, le añade mucho interés a las fotografías.
    Un abrazo y salud,