Wednesday, December 6, 2023

In November on the Great Salt Lake


Seeing a variety of ducks in November on the Great Salt Lake was very exciting  and at the same time challenging adventure.   

I wasn't wrong when I said "challenging", because I don't see ducks often, I know so little about them and having observed these wonderful birds, I knew that identifying them would be quite difficult.
In the photo above, an American Wigeon swims past with great dignity.  

I love when birds interact with each other because they are somewhat reminiscent of us, humans. 

Gadwall stopped swimming for a while because watching the avocet march past him was a funny show that couldn't be missed.

A magnificent trio. 

Two avocets and Wigeon seem to be oblivious to each other, but this is very deceptive. 

Generally, life is good. 


  1. All the fun of identifying male ducks, between mating plumage, eclipse plumage and winter plumage ....

  2. Unas divertidas y bellas fotografias.
    Un abrazo.