Thursday, January 13, 2022

American Bald Eagle at Sunrise

Yesterday morning was very special, I was able to watch and photograph an American Bald Eagle.  It was a long time since my first encounter with this majestic bird.

Bald Eagle is an iconic symbol of America but Benjamin Franklin - the statesman, author, scientist and inventor - preferred the Wild Turkey as a symbol.

"Bald Eagle is a bird of a bad moral character.  He does not get his living honestly", wrote Benjamin Franklin.

What Franklin wrote is true.  Bald Eagles are bullies in the bird world. They are thieves and often steal fish and prey from other birds and in addition they are scavengers. 

Eagles have exceptional vision, they can use their eyes independently and together. It depends on what they are trying to see.  And Eagles see in colors. They also can see with their eyes  close.

Photographing yesterday morning two Bald Eagles (later I saw another Bald Eagle) was once in a life time opportunity.  Who knows when it will happen again.  Hopefully, I don't have to wait another few years before another opportunity will arise.

Generally, life is good!